Why Shift?

The Shift focuses on elevating educators who are innovating in their classes, amplifying the voices of their journey, all while playing with purpose.



In February of 2017 The Shift started with the goal of demonstrating a shared culture of innovation throughout the Halton District School Board. We knew quickly that much of this work would involve networking with other innovative teachers around the province and documenting our our learning journey. We want to help amplify the voices of teachers who are pushing the limits of their own teaching practice.



Many of the teachers that The Shift has connected with are not comfortable sharing. Some feel like they are bragging, others are nervous about being judged and some are just private. Part of our work is to create safe spaces to elevate the voices of all educators. Great things are happening in every teachers classroom, we enjoy sharing these stories with the rest of the education community.



What if school was more like summer camp? Would students be more engaged? Would teachers be more excited? The Shift believes that deeper learning can happen in environments where play and exploration is encouraged. We seek to provide experience to teachers and students that inspire and leave participants with a sense of wonder.