A Shared Vision

Educators are innovators.

The 21st Century arrived almost twenty years ago. In that time we’ve seen so much change in society. Wifi, Google, the iPhone, Online Streaming, the Self Driving Car, Social Media, to name a few are all innovations of the past twenty years that continue to disrupt the status quo. Classrooms and schools can flex to accommodate these societal changes, or remain static and push back against them.

The Shift is focused on helping teachers prepare their students for tomorrow. We do this by sharing teaching practice that will embrace tomorrow’s reality, while at the same time connecting educators with ideas that promote deeper learning.

Teachers and students thrive in an environment that

  • Empowers the individual

  • Connects learning to real world experiences

  • Inspires the learner and teacher

  • Incorporates technology with purpose

The Shift is interested in the classrooms and schools where the advances of the 21st Century are leveraged to create rich experiences for students and teachers.

What does Innovative Teaching look like to you?

What does Innovative Teaching look like to you?