Welcome to The Demonstration Classroom at Milton District High SCHOOL

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Non PERMANENT surfaces everywhere

The Shift has learned a lot by following along with Peter Liljedahl as he works on spreading the message of the Thinking Classroom. In talking to educators and students we’ve heard that many want lots of surfaces on which to write. Creating spaces where thinking can exist and be changed easily was important to us. In the Demonstration classroom we currently have 48 feet of installed whiteboard surfaces. As well we are currently showcasing three whiteboard desks that can seat multiple students. We inherited several feet of shower board as well. We’ve mounted Velcro on the backs of these boards so that they can also be used vertically around the room or moved to suit the students needs.


FLEXIBLE and Functional

In conversations with teachers, we’ve noticed that incorporating non-traditional furniture into is met with excitement by students but often results in frustration. This frustration is driven by students and teachers not altering their behaviours to reflect the new classroom environment. The demonstration classroom is a space to allowed educators to see how pedagogy can change to reflect students working in flexible, small group arrangements. The space can quickly be rearranged to reflect whole class instruction, collaborative grouping, or students learning independently in various stations around the room.