An Innovator’s Bookshelf

These are the books that we have read and made us ponder, what if?

Consider one of our favourites for a Book in an Hour, book study or self indulgence. Let your mind ask WHY?

what school could be.jpg

What School Could Be

Following Ted's production of Most Likely to Succeed ...  His journey of visiting 50 states in 9 months looking for 'innovative schools'.  Schools will not change from the top. The belief, 'If you cannot measure it, it doesn't count' prevails. Politics do not endorse transforming  education as it is challenges the privileged status quo. However, there are stories of inspiration when school leaders energize communities with the urgency change; instill a growth mindset; provide permission for teachers to innovate and protect them when things flounder; use iterative principles of design thinking and welcome  community experts to support the learning journey. A hopeful read!

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The innovator’s Mindset

Halton’s first virtual book club and Sunday night podcasts with the author.  The premise is that change is an opportunity to do something amazing … and connecting with like minded folks gives you the synergy, permission, and ability to TRY, FAIL, REPEAT, and LEARN!

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The Hacking Series

The Shift believes that we can solve big problems in our schools and classrooms by starting small. The Hacking series of books have greatly informed and driven this belief. Pick up one, or all, of the books in this series and start to develop your thinking on topics like Project Based Learning, Assessment, School Culture, Leadership and more! Let us know where you started in your journey.


The Power of Moments

Why can certain moments jolt us, elevate us and change us and how we can learn to create such extraordinary moments in our life and work.  Great for a Book in an Hour and Possible Actions to create moments, sparks and huge spikes for people. Highly recommended by Admin Council participants.



Halton teacher Amanda Williams Yeager lead this maker space book study in 2018.  The authors advocate as much student directed learning as possible. By allowing students to explore their own interests, with teachers as guides, they will develop 21st century skills and create projects that really matter to them. No longer are we to "engage" kids with our templates and agendas.  We should EMPOWER learners by inviting teachers and students to innovate  -- to rewrite the rules, challenge the status quo, let your students own their learning and change the world!