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5 - Shift Your What? PD!

Professional development. Staff meetings. Everyone has had mixed experiences with these events. We can identify times where we’ve met as educators and learned a lot, times when we’ve been energized to try something new in our classrooms. We can also identify times when the model of PD or staff meetings has just not worked, times when the day drags and we leave feeling less inspired then we did at the beginning of the learning.


We had the opportunity to present at Haltons’ Tech Enabled Lead Learner conference earlier this month. The day was an example of PD done right! Participants were engaged in real, hands on learning that could be directly applicable to their day to day classroom needs. Plus there was a robot greeting people at the door. We presented on “How to Podcast” but went one step further by inviting participants to share their own thoughts around how to Shift the PD we experience.