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3 - Shift Your What? Community!

Being home based at a Secondary School is proving to have a lot of advantages to our work. We’ve been working out of Milton District High School since September and this is giving us lots of opportunities to connect with educators we might not have otherwise met. Recently, we were asked to join Kathryn Compton-Morgan as she took her Applied English Classes on a field trip to Decode Adventures.

Students spent the afternoon engaged in a wide variety of team building activities, followed by a chance to complete one of the Escape Rooms on site. We were struck by the amount of community building that the teachers of these classes were engaged in. It was obvious to us that the classroom community was built with intention starting from day one.


We wanted to hear more about how community was being built intentionally and with purpose in these applied courses. We sat down with Katherine Compton-Morgan, English Teacher and Karamjit Sangha-Bosland, the HDSB Instructional Program Leader for Equity and Inclusive Education to discuss what drove them to realize that continuously building community with their classes was important.

If you are interested in some easy community building activities that you can do with your classes tomorrow, check out some of the work we’ve collected here and here.