14 - Shift Your What? Environment!

In this episode, Shift Your What talks about Outdoor Education with educators Kelly-Ann Mattiaci, Margaret Williams and Stephen Jansz. They discuss the benefits of taking the learning outside, how to overcome challenges, as well as the changes they have seen in their students as a result of shifting the learning outdoors.

The release of this podcast hopefully gets you considering to take your students outside to learn, and the timing is perfect: Did you know that May 23rd is Outdoor Classroom Day? This is a global initiative to show that learning outside is an essential part of a students learning experiences. Taking the learning outside is shown to improve behaviour and increase excitement. Spring is in the air and is a perfect time to learn outside. The Shift is launching a new #TryShifting challenge to do just that. Take a look at our Shift Challenge Page to find out more.

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