17 - Shift Your What? Tools!

On this episode, we not only sat down with Cait Fehir and Jenn Plens, we also had the opportunity to come into their classes for a couple of periods to record and listen in on their grade 9/10 Applied English class, as they used the Ladder of Inference, an Integrative Thinking tool with their class. We take a slightly different approach to this episode, as the educators were new to the tool, as were the students. We use this as an opportunity to talk about trying new things in the classroom, as well as talk to the students about their initial reactions to using the Ladder of Inference.

We also take the opportunity to talk about the setup of this english class, which has combined grades 9 and 10 Applied English together. This allows two teachers to co-teach, and help address the various levels and needs of the learners in the class in a creative and effective way.

In this episode, we refer a lot to the Ladder of Inference, which is a I-Think tool that allows us to slow down our thinking when analyzing situations, texts or images. In the lesson, you hear us talking about the photographs that students are analyzing, which are included here below within this post for some context, as well as a graphic of a ladder of inference. Hope you enjoy this episode that is about trying new things in class, and the interesting, messy, thoughtful reflections that go along with it.

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