11 - Shift Your What? Elephant!

Every student is amazing, every student has gifts and every student has a pathway. That’s the message that Geoff Sheppard would like everyone to hear. We met Geoff near the end of January, when he was getting his Community Pathways Program students ready to present their annual Winter Tea. We were amazed to see so many students engaged in focus and purposeful work as they prepared the auditorium at MM Robinson High School for the event. Students were baking, setting up displays of work and troubleshooting the live feed to the Snow Shelter they had built outside.

When we arrived to record this podcast, weeks later, Geoff couldn’t wait to show us the Elephant that his students had been working on. We didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t what Geoff showed us. His students had created an amazing two person Elephant costume that was being used later that week by a HDSB elementary school for their school play. Seriously, the costume was epic and you can check it out below. While you are at it, have a listen to what Geoff has to say about building community and dealing with a different sort of Elephant in the room.

Jamie MitchellComment