2 - Shift Your What? Design!

Shortly after the school year began, The Shift was scrolling through our own online professional learning network, looking for examples innovative classrooms. We were intrigued by what we were seeing from M. M. Robinson High School and their combined grade nine Math/Science program. Who wouldn’t be interested in an overnight field trip to the Ontario Science Centre?


Steve Tolton and Maggie Warneke were nice enough to invite us into their classroom last week to talk about the genesis of the MMR Engineering program and why this program is serving the needs of their students. By keeping the class learning by doing, and seamlessly integrating the math with the science, they have created something truly special that is good for students. Steve and Maggie dig into why they built this program and give a little window into how they do it as well.  More information on MMR Engineering can be found here:

1) Updates posted on twitter @mrtoltonphysics

2) Video Updates: https://tinyurl.com/mmrengineeringupdates

3) All files for the program: https://tinyurl.com/mmrengineering

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