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The Case for Risk Taking

The end is in sight; can you feel it?  A few weeks of hard work, then that dock/porch/yoga mat is calling your name.  A well deserved rest after a year of teaching, engaging, ...and shifting.  June is also a great time to take stock of how the year went, think about our “good to greats” and start to imagine a little bit about next year.  

The year is still fresh in our heads and we have a good vantage point to think forward at this point of the year.  During this process, we invite you to think about how you can take a risk next year.  These could be risks that you take in how you lead a class, a course, or building culture in your school.  This could be how to set the framework for encouraging your students to take their own greater risks in their learning.  It is a fun time to start thinking BIG, because the BIG is buffered by some serious summer YOU time first.  Here is The Case for Risk Taking.