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Shifting in Dark Times
Shift Flashlight.jpg

Two and a half years ago, we were given an opportunity to dream about how school could be different.  No box to dream inside, no forms to fill in, no checklist to run down, just make school different.

We had small dreams during this time, that made us feel a tad subversive.

We had medium sized dreams, where we were able to ask interesting questions and find interesting answers.

We had dreamed big, and were pleasantly surprised when you decided to dream along with us.

Today, looking back on two and a half years of hard work by all of you, we realize that this dream is not ending, it’s just changing.  The Shift and by default all you Shifters are in flux.

Next September will come, you will have students in front of you, lessons to teach.  Schools will plan events, there will be high times and low times. But at the end of the day, innovation will happen, school will be different.  It will be different because of the journey you’ve been on with us. It will be different because fundamentally you believe that students deserve our best, and the best we can give tomorrow looks different than the best we can give yesterday.

Our challenge to you is to find the professional network of people inside your school who fill up your soul.  Find the people who challenge you to be better. We’ve learned that we are better when we Shift together. So yes, we might be Shifting through dark times, but it is the people we surround ourselves with who will hand us a flashlight, or spare batteries, or hold our hands as we navigate an unclear path.

We rise by lifting others.  Let’s be each others flashlight.

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