Summer Learning Opportunities

Well, fellow Shifters, you are probably tidying your desks, thinking of a (HOT!) Canada Day weekend and looking forward to some much deserved rest.  Thank you for following along with and supporting the Shift this year, your energy and enthusiasm has been contagious!

If you are looking for some summer learning opportunities, look no further.  There are at least two chances to Shift in the coming months!

First up is Second City at the Barn.   July 12th and open to ALL staff in HDSB, this is a great opportunity to laugh and learn with the incredible Second City Improv Group.

Next, in August you can participate in the second Shift Your (Blank) Summer Learning Day.  This is a great opportunity to energize yourself before the new school year begins and learn with like-minded Shifters like you.

Signing off for the summer!

Jamie and Matt