Call to Action: Community Building

So we’ve all survived our first week back!  Hopefully you’ve settled into some sort of routine with your classes.  We are hoping that you’ll make daily community building a part of that routine.  We all want our students to be risk takers and feel safe in our classrooms. By building a positive community daily your students will be more engaged and will be willing to meet challenges together.

So our challenge to you is to take breaks daily to build community with your students.  

Need some help getting started?  No problem!  


are a few activities that you can try tomorrow!  Feel free to let us know how it goes in the comments or add some links to your own favourite activity. Why not tweet about your experiences using #HDSBInnovates.

Here are some activities from Second City that we used at the

Shift Summer Symposium


Here are the books we pulling from, check them out, ask your administrator to stock these at school.  They are community building GOLD!!

Yes, And

If you are looking for a refresher for why you would want to build community in the first place, check out this