Reasons why we #LoveMyHaltonSchool

There are lots of reasons.

But today, we don't want to list our reasons for why we #LoveMyHaltonSchool.  We'd rather highlight someone else's reason.

Melissa Hickey is an English Teacher at Aldershot High School.  She tried something new this semester that allowed her students to explore their own strengths.  Here are her thoughts:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away…

Grade 12 College English students at Aldershot High School were given an assignment: Write an original horror story, then turn that story into an original short horror film.  Students were assigned the task of creating an original short story based on common horror tropes and elements that were covered in class.  Students created script versions of their stories, and storyboards to refer to when the actual filming took place.  It was not only an exercise in creativity, but also in collaboration and innovation, as the grade 12 students were expected to problem solve the details like location, props, costumes, make-up and sound-effects/music scores to make the ideal films.  

But we didn’t stop there.

The next phase of this project was to bring their original short films to the big screen.  

We are fortunate to have a theatre like so close by, as they were more than willing to work with the films the students created and show them on the big screen at their movie theatre.  Students completed their movies, and the files were converted to play at the theatre.  On April 27, the Grade 12 College English class from Aldershot high school got to walk the red carpet and attend the premieres of their own films.  Students got to see the actual products that they created.  They were able to literally see themselves reflected in their learning opportunities, and in the end result of their class assignments.

Thando D. one of the students in the grade 12 College English class, said that he thoroughly enjoyed the assignment, and added that “it was cool to learn how to actually make a movie, and then see my original story come to life on the big screen.  I was the writer, the director and the lead actor in my own production.  That’s cool.”


Students really got the chance to explore their strengths and work together to create the final project.  For those who preferred not to be onscreen, they had the opportunity to focus on make up, hair, and set design.  Everyone had the chance to contribute to their films.  

This was truly an experience to remember, and an innovative project that will continue to evolve with every new class.

~Melissa Hickey

We have the opportunity to explore new ideas with our classes. And that's our #1 reason for why we #LoveMyHaltonSchool!