Learning Curves and Recording Update

Every time I learn something new, whether it is something related to teaching, or how to fix the drain of a washing machine, I reconnect and empathize all over again with how our students feel about learning and what they go through on a daily basis.  It’s often a slower process than you think it will be.  It can be frustrating when things don’t go as planned and satisfying when you are successful at a new task.  We have spent the week fumbling our way through more learning on computers, learning software, video editing and audio editing.  It is a steep learning curve on Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro; which are what we are using to edit our first “Case For...” video.  We are making our way through it and we have had a fun, challenging day, each and every day. So while we had hoped to have published our first video, “The Case for Innovation” a while ago now, we realize this process is like a  like a home renovation, it always takes longer than you expect.

Already looking ahead we have also had Nicole Jarvis, Instructional Program Lead for Mathematics, into the newly christened “Dreamatorium Studios” to record audio for our second video, to be called “The Case for Community Building”.  Nicole shared with us some great insight into how building a community in your classroom, and in the school as a whole, is a key component to paving the way for a class that breeds innovative problem solvers.  

As part of the recording process, I started to DIY build a new and improved microphone box 2.0, moving up from old tee shirts, cardboard and duct tape to egg crate foam and a hacked bucket.  The difference in audio quality is striking! ;)

A little DIY build with repurposed bucket
Jamie is reacting to how sweet his voice now sounds

Next week, we look forward to a little rest and recharge during March Break, and then back to the studio to finish our first two videos!